Game day fashion has become a mega craze in the US. We’ll scour the market to pinpoint the perfect outfit to flaunt our team colors and put our spirit on display.  Look at any given University of Alabama tailgate, and you’ll see a swarm of crimson sweaters and houndstooth pea coats. The stands of a KU basketball game are flooded with a sea of blue and crimson.  From college to the professional level, we wear our passion for the sports we love on our sleeves. There’s no foam finger too big or cheer too loud.


Most European countries share our love for sports. While we go crazy for the World Series, count down the days till March Madness, and turn Superbowl Sunday into the party of the year, Europeans are on the edge of their seats for a different set of sports. Let’s take a look how they bring their enthusiasm to the stands.


Football (or soccer, a la US) takes the crown for fan mania across Europe. From September through May, the air is dripping with football fever, giving fans a forever bond with their fellow confidant.  Inside the stadium, the dress is typically casual, but supporters always come equipped with the ultimate fan accessory: the scarf.  This isn’t your typical piece of flair thrown on for a day shopping, but a beacon of spirit for every true football aficionado. Boldly displaying the team’s colors, the scarves are held high above patrons’ heads before a game while singing their national anthem.




Tennis, also a universal sensation in Europe, ports a more polished crowd than its football-loving counterparts.  The Fashion Industry has delved into the sport, even performing fashion shows and showcasing upscale designer wear at some matches. Europe harbors 2 of the 4 most prominent tournaments in the world (coined the Grand Slam tournaments), the French Open and Wimbledon. These matches can be quite the elegant affair, featuring celebrities and hallmark traditions, setting the scene for sophisticated fashion choices. Tailored suits, chic sun dresses and bright colors are all frequent attendees.




Rugby has become a driving force in Europe in the past few decades, gaining momentum every year.  The stadium shows glimpses of American tradition with pom poms and face art, such as stickers or paint. As far as fashion is concerned, spectators aim to be both comfortable and effortlessly chic.  Since patrons will typically walk to the game then a pub after, comfortable shoes are a must – yet you rarely find a European woman rocking a pair of sneakers. As with most European styles, trendy yet simple is key.



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