Earlier last week, Isaiah Canaan of the Philadelphia 76ers made our hearts race with an explosive last second shot against The Heat to beat the second quarter buzzer in spectacular fashion. As the exhilaration settled, this incredible shot inspired us to look back at the best buzzer-beaters of all time. Check out our list below, and comment to list some of your favorite last-second shots!

Tyus Edney’s Spectacular Ending, 1995


It’s the second round of the ‘95 NCAA Tournament, and UCLA is trying to prevent ending their championship dreams early for the second year in a row. But trailing Missouri 74-73 with only 5 seconds remaining AND on the other side of the court, the Bruins needed a miracle. Cue Tyus Edney. He dribbles through defenders, flies down the court, and sinks a game-winning shot. The Bruins went on to eventually claim the National Title that year, and it was all made possible by Edney’s heroic finish.

Larry Bird Stuns the Blazers, 1985


Larry Bird rightfully earned the nickname Larry Legend through his steadfast ability to repeatedly sink game-winning shots. Although there are plenty of jaw-dropping buzzer-beaters on his record, perhaps his biggest claim-to-fame was in a ‘85 battle with the Blazers. The Legend jumps to shoot and sink a basket as time expired, putting Larry and Co. on top 128-127.

Derek Fisher’s Shocking Finish, 2004


In 2004, the Lakers and Spurs were tied two games apiece in the Western Conference Semifinals. With the clock winding down, Tim Duncan of the Spurs secured what appeared to be the final and game-winning shot of the night. However, Derek Fisher had another ending in mind. With 0.4 on the game clock, Fisher shoots and SWISH! The Lakers win 74-73.

Michael Jordan’s The Shot, 1989


It’s game 5 in the Eastern Conference First Round, and Michael Jordan and gang are challenging the Cavaliers. By the time the game clock would make it’s final buzz, the showdown would become an instant classic, and perhaps Jordan’s most clutch shot of all time. Cleveland was up 100-99 with 3 seconds left, and and a double-teamed Jordan bounces off defenders to sink a final-second basket from the foul line. The Bulls pulled off a huge upset, and Jordan’s iconic score was dubbed simply, “The Shot.”

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