Tomorrow ends the waiting season of the NFL. Once the draft begins, it’ll be nonstop action through summer’s training, pre-season, and finally, the sweet sight of kick-off in the fall. Filled with a bit more uncertainty than some drafts past, (the Texans are still clinging tightly to their secret) this year is shaping up to be full of surprises already. And every true fan knows the possibilities — 7th rounders go on to be postseason super stars, while first round picks have fallen short. In honor of the 2014 NFL Draft, we’ve compiled our picks for some of the biggest draft busters in NFL history. Be sure to comment and tell us yours!


The 6th rounder from Michigan




In 2000, the 6th round comes along and New England decides to pluck a QB from Michigan by the name of Tom Brady. Seven quarterbacks went before him. 14 years later, Brady has three Super Bowl rings, five championship appearances, and an easy Hall of Fame grip, making him arguably THE greatest draft steal of all time.

The 3rd Rounder from North Carolina




Although he finished his North Carolina career by taking his team to the Rose Bowl, Russell Wilson wasn’t taken until the third round in 2012. But since then, he has helped the Seattle Seahawks turn around, leading the franchise to a Super Bowl win last year.


The “too slow” Wide Receiver




Because of his criticized lack of speed, Marques Colston didn’t go until the 7th round. But since then, the New Orleans Saint has proved his ability with over 40 touchdowns to date and carving a name for himself as an all-star WR in the league.


An 8th round machine




Back in 1983, when the draft had eight rounds, the Bears decided to pick up defensive player Richard Dent. As the next few seasons unfolded, it’s safe to assume they were happy with their choice. The stats speak for themselves. Two 17-sack seasons back-to-back, 137.5 career sacks total.


A last round steal in 1967



After the NFL and AFL banded together to have a joint draft, the Oilers took Ken Houston in the 9th and last round. Yes, the Hall-of-Fame Ken Houston that went to 12 straight Pro Bowls and was regarded as the “most underrated superstar in football” by the Washington Redskins.

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