Brrrrr! There might be a chill in the air, but with bowl season rapidly approaching, no true sports aficionado will let a little cold weather interfere with one of the most sacred traditions: the tailgate. While a lucky few will enjoy a breeze of California sunshine for the National Championship in Pasadena, many of us will grab our mittens and shakers, and bundle up to cheer on our favorite teams. Upgrade your tailgate this winter with a collection of cold weather accessories sure to make this year’s tailgate shine.

Bundle Up


Unisex Watch Cap                              Ripped Tipped Scarf

Featured: Florida State, Ruby and Gold         Featured: Auburn, Navy and Orange


Layer Up


Ripped Tipped Scarf                    Handkerchief Cardigan

Featured: Stanford, Red and White      Featured: Missouri, Black and Gold

Warm Up

Rasapple Rum Cider


 This Rasapple Rum Cider cocktail from HGTV gives a cold weather classic a sweet twist with slight hints of raspberry and apple.

Tailgate Chili


What better dish to keep you warm than this all-time fan favorite. We love this broiled chili concoction from Allrecipes.com.

Jalapeno-Mustard Dipping Sauce


Southern Living gave this recipe for a spicy homemade dipping sauce that can be paired with chicken tenders or any of your grilled favorites.

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