In the 1870s, golf was introduced in the United States, and its supreme popularity spread rapidly across the country. Less than a decade later saw the rise of country clubs, where men and women alike gathered to socialize, dine and enjoy a round of holes on the green. Typical of the conservative style of that era, women sported ground length skirts and high-collar, fitted blouses.



The constricting nature of women’s golf attire hindered their game, and the turn of the 20th century sparked a change in fashion choices. The “Free-Stroke Coat” was introduced, encumbering special sleeves that moved freely with every swing. Women also began opting for long sleeved cardigans and knit jerseys.


After the fashion revolution of the 1920s, shortened one-piece dresses and stockings became mainstream for female golfers.


As the decades continued, fashion continued to change, yet remained on the conservative side. Shorts and collared tees began making appearances in the 60s and 70s, and remain popular choices today.


Fashion in golf continues to evolve and thrive today for both men and women. We draw inspiration from professionals while incorporating personal style and comfort. If you enjoy a summer afternoon on the green or attend major tournaments across the country, be sure to go in style.

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