Crafted of the softest Merino Wool, our Stadium Wrap Blanket can be used for so much more than a living room throw.  From an evening ballpark necessity to a stylish spring accessory, we’ve compiled five ways to fall in love with your wrap blanket this season. Shop and find your favorite pattern here!


Summer Night Wrap


Available in a Herringbone or Traditional Stripe Pattern, the wrap blanket complements any outfit and makes for a stylish oversized scarf or wrap. Pair it with a sundress or jeans and tee for a colorful spring ensemble.


Picnic Blanket Companion


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, what could be better than packing a picnic basket and taking the family to your favorite shady tree? Forget the scratchy old sheet and bring your wrap blanket along for a picnic in the park.


Airplane Wrap


Regardless of the season or outside air, airlines tend to blast the cabin with seemingly subzero temperatures. End the days of asking for a paper-thin blanket onboard, and reach for your ultra soft and warm stadium wrap.


Beach Blanket Bingo

If you have plans to hit the sandy shores this summer, don’t leave without your wrap blanket. With it’s high thread count and durability, the quality of the blanket will handle whatever you, the kids or the sand throws its way.


Spring Night Games

Nestle up on the bleachers for a spring night game, and stay cozy and warm all evening while you cheer.

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