We’re already into February, and many of our 2015 resolutions have started falling by the wayside. But if a fashion refresh is high on your priority list, we can help you there. From classic closet staples to bold, colorful patterns, we’re bringing you fresh style ideas for the year ahead. So you can put your best foot (and outfit!) forward in 2015.

Raise the Ruby

Ruby:White Women.jpg

Cashmere Watch Cap, $98. Ribbed Tipped Scarf, $195. Three Stripe Cardigan, $175. Stadium Shirt, $145. Resin Link Necklace, $175. Cashmere Wristwarmers, $75.

Be Bold in Black & Gold

Black:Gold Men.jpg

Cashmere Stadium Jacket, $595. Woven Stripe Belt, $50. Cashmere Double Zip Vest, $450. Watch Cap, $98. Ribbed Tipped Scarf, $195.

Black:Gold Women.jpg

Ombre Scarf, $135. Cashmere V-neck Sweater, in Gold and Black, $325. Handkerchief Cardigan, $245. Resin Bangles, $25 each. Cashmere Wristwarmers, $75. Color Block Necklace, $175.

Orange Obsession

Burnt Orange:White Men.jpg

Cashmere Stadium Jacket, $595. Woven Stripe Belt, $50. Stadium Shirt, $145. Ribbed Tipped Scarf, $195.

Give me Green & Gold

Green:Gold Men.jpg

Cashmere Watch Cap, $98. Cashmere Double Zip Vest, $450. Varsity Stripe Scarf, $225. Stadium Shirt, $145.

Red & Black Brilliance

Ruby:Black Women.jpg

Graduated Stripe Cardigan, $230. Cashmere Poncho, $395. Lettuce Edge Scarf, $85. Friendship Bracelet, $270. Color Block Necklace, $275.

We couldn’t resist including separates from brands we love. Mix and match your favorite pieces, and be bold this year!

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