Regardless of the temperature and whether or not Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, baseball season marks the unofficial beginning of springtime. Since Cincinnati introduced the first professional team in 1869, fans have gathered over Crackerjacks, cheers and jovial renditions of Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Whether you’re a baseball enthusiast or merely enjoy an outdoor outing in the fresh spring air, there is mutual adoration across the nation for America’s Favorite Pastime. Deep into the first week of the season, let’s get fired up with MLB trivia below!


1. The period of baseball before 1920 was known as what, where players often jumped around from team to team and league to league?


2. What is the record for the most opening day home runs?


3. What was the first team to play under modern baseball rules?


4. What player was widely known as “The Flying Dutchman.”


5. Although its origin is controversial, baseball is regarded by some to be a descendant of what English game?


6. The Oakland Athletics played in what other two cities before relocating to California?


7. In 1947, the first televised World Series was played between which two teams?


8. What player leads the league in most hits during his rookie season?


9. When Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record in 1974, what Governor was there to greet him at home plate?


10. What player was the first to win back-to-back MVP awards? (Hint: 1932 and 1933)


11. How many different ballparks has Fred McGriff hit a homerun?


12. When was the first official World Series?


13. What team won 6 World Series championships between 1950-1960?


14. In 2006, what player suffered an injury from Guitar Hero that led him to miss 3 postseason games?


15. Who is the only pitcher to ever throw a perfect game in the World Series?

Answer Key


1. “The Dead-Ball Era”


2. 8. Held by Adam Dunn, Frank Robinson and Ken Griffey Jr.


3. The New York Knickerbockers was an amateur club founded in 1845


4. Hall of Famer Honus Wagner


5. Rounders


6. Philadelphia and Kansas City


7. The New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers


8. Ichiro Suzuki with 242 hits in 2001


9. Jimmy Carter


10. Jimmie Fox


11. 42


12. October 1, 1903, between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Americans


13. New York Yankees, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1956 and 1958


14. Joel Zumaya of the Detroit Tigers

15. Don Larsen in the 1956 World Series

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