Every sport celebrates its own unique traditions, and no matter how seemingly strange or off-the-wall, they remain sacred in the hearts of fans. Thanksgiving Day and the Cowboys go hand-in-hand, and in baseball, it’s simply inconceivable to jinx a no-hitter. Now in the height of NCAA basketball mania, the spirit has inspired us to take a look at our favorite rituals, rites and traditions on the court.


Krzyzewskiville and the Cameron Crazies



You can’t talk of tradition in college hoops without mentioning the Cameron Crazies and their role in Duke basketball. During Kville, students vacate their homes for a few days to camp out in tents to ensure their presence in Cameron Indoor before Duke’s biggest games. During the game, their loud, clever cheers and outrageous outfits serve as the stadium’s 6th man, making Cameron Indoor one of the hardest venues to play in the country.


KU’s Rock Chalk Chant



This world famous cheer was coined in 1886, and has since become an integral part of the Jayhawk’s athletic tradition. The chant even earned recognition from former President Teddy Roosevelt as the greatest college cheer he’d ever heard.


The Toilet Paper Foul


The fans of John Brown University always earn the team’s first (and most beloved) technical foul of the season with the 30+ year tradition, the Toilet Paper Game. Fans wait patiently, rolls of TP in hand, and follow their team’s first basket by enthusiastically heaving their streaming rolls of paper to the court.


Rolling the Quad at Wake Forest


The Demon Deacons also have a tradition involving a roll of toilet paper, where the student body tracks to roll the quad after every big win. From the trees to the buildings to the benches, nothing is left unblanketed. In fact, the amount of pride in the win can be measured by the amount of toilet paper covering the center of campus.


The Silent Night Game

It’s a night of hilarious and rambunctious holiday cheer at Taylor University, when the Trojans host their annual Silent Night Game every December. Decked out in extravagantly ridiculous costumes, the students remain completely silent until Taylor’s 10th point, then erupt into a cheering frenzy. They conclude the game with a rendition of the famous holiday song.

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