When women shop Slater Zorn, what do they buy–and why? We’ve listened to customers like you, and this is what we’ve learned.   When we launched SLATER ZORN in 2012, everyone asked us: Who’s your customer? At the time, we had a set, simple psychographic in mind: men and women who love sports–especially collegiate sports–and… Read More

A Celebration of Intercollegiate Football


Anyone that has ever stepped foot inside a stadium on college gameday understands that intercollegiate football represents something so much bigger than simply a sport. The game brings people together, strangers and friends alike, and creates an unrivaled sense of camaraderie, fellowship, and family. This perennial tradition all began on one fortuitous day in 19th… Read More

The Game Day Accessory Guide, Southern Edition


There is something magical about Saturdays in the fall. There’s little need for an alarm clock — pure elation wakes us with the sun, and we hum the familiar tune of our alma mater fight songs while making breakfast. It’s not just any day, it’s game day, and in college ball, game day is sacred…. Read More

Countdown to College Football Kickoff! Most Anticipated Rematches of 2016


For all fans, the start of a new college football season is innately promising; regardless of the preliminary rankings, we know that upsets will happen, jaws will drop, and the seemingly impossible is perpetually inevitable. But one thing is for sure: certain showdowns in the 2015 season have paved the way for stellar 2016 rematches…. Read More

The Five Most Inspiring Olympic Moments in History

Sports Medal of the Russian Federation

Olympians are the stuff of legends. From humble beginnings, overcoming tragic injuries, or odds-defying adversity, their gritty and gallant stories have captivated us for years. The stakes are bigger, therefore the wins are that much bolder. In honor of the 2016 Summer Olympics kicking off in a couple short weeks, we’re showcasing our picks for… Read More

The Tour de France: Fun Facts and Trivia


Now in its 103 year, the world’s largest and most prominent cycling competition kicks off on Tuesday, as riders prepare for the grueling 23-day race spanning more than 2200 miles throughout the gorgeous French countryside and its neighbors. An emblem of fortitude, tenacity and athleticism, the Tour de France captivates more than 12 million roadside… Read More

Four Ways to Style the Sunflower Scarf this Summer


With its breezy floral pattern and featherweight finish, the Sunflower Scarf will easily become your sartorial savior this summer. Sure, this merino wool classic looks fabulous draped or tied around the neck, but we’ve complied four other creative ways to style the scarf this season! Wrap Skirt This versatile accessory can go from scarf to… Read More

The Best Sporting Events of the Summer

Sports Medal of the Russian Federation

For the avid sports fan, the summer season isn’t quite as appealing as it is to most. Sure, we appreciate outdoor brunches and beach weekends, but the sunshine loses some of its luster without college football Saturdays or bracket-busting buzzer beaters. But before the sporting summertime blues set in, we’ve rounded up our picks of… Read More

Celebrate Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

To all motherswith love,Happy Mother's Day! (1)

Whether you’re shopping for your Mother, Grandmother, Mother-in-law or a dear friend, celebrate all the incredible women in your life this Mother’s Day with sentiment and style. From hand-embroidered accessories to Italian resin jewelry, we’ll help you find a style and color for every personality, one that she’ll cherish for years to come. Below find… Read More