Their husbands might receive all the praise on the field, but we think these wives of MLB superstars deserve applause for their stellar fashion tastes. From the sideline to the red carpet and every base hitter and foul ball in between, each woman has a distinct personal style that never strikes out. And the award goes to…

Joanna Garcia Swisher


Actress Joanna Garcia Swisher, wife of Cleveland Indians first baseman Nick Swisher, has a classic all-American girl look, and a style to match. The Florida born beauty even pulls off a fashion A+ when she’s expecting!

Jenny Dell


Sports reporter and sideline sweetheart Jenny Dell, recently engaged to Will Middlebrooks of the Red Sox, always looks pretty and perfectly polished, on camera and off.

Jacquelyn Frazier


Former collegiate gymnast Jacquelyn Frazier, married to Cincinnati Reds Todd Frazier, emanates an ultra feminine panache, and always looks dazzling. Although the University of Rutgers graduate grew up in New Jersey, her style emulates a Southern Belle Charm.

Christine Glavine


Christine, wife of former pitcher and Hall of Famer Tom Glavine, has an effortlessly glamorous allure. It’s amazing that after five kids she’s still able to sport a strapless pencil gown; but she does, and she does it well.

Liz Ausmus


Married to Brad Ausmus, former MLB catcher and current manager of the Detroit Tigers, Liz is a beacon of classic elegance. The pair has been married for almost two decades, and we have to say, make for one handsome couple!

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