The Biggest Upsets in March Madness History


Ah, March…the month of packing up our heavy coats, catching the first signs of spring bloom, and preparing for a solid month of college basketball mania. With Selection Sunday quickly approaching, we only have a couple weeks until the Big Dance officially goes down. Over the years, we’ve seen a plethora of upsets, from cinderella stories making a run in the Final Four, to top 5 seeds being taken down by spectacular buzzer-beaters. In honor of March Madness 2016, we’re taking a look back in time at the best bracketbusters in the tournament’s history. 3,2,1…let’s go!

No. 15 Richmond defeats No. 2 Syracuse


Back in 1991, the Spiders shocked the nation when they became the first No. 15 team to successful oust a No. 2, defeating the Orange 73-69.

No. 13 Princeton takes care of No. 4 UCLA


A 1996 opening round game, the defending champs didn’t expect to run into a problem this soon, especially when facing a No. 13 ranked Princeton. But it was the Tigers getting the last laugh, defeating UCLA in a staggering 43-41 victory.

No. 15 Norfolk State triumphs over No. 2 Missouri


The Spartans entered the game as a 21-point underdog, but over the course of the next 40 minutes, a lot of people were about to see their brackets go up in flames. In true dramatic fashion, Norfolk State came out on top, 86-84.

No. 11 George Mason shocks No. 1 UConn


George Mason was the cinderella story of the year, but not many people expected their roll to continue over No. 1 Connecticut in this Elite Eight showdown. After all, the explosive Huskies were expected to be cutting down nets when all was said and done. But after a trip to overtime, the Patriots knocked out the Huskies 86-84, making them only the second No. 11 seed in history to make a run in the Final Four.

No. 6 N.C. State bewilders No. 1 Houston


Going into the championship, Houston was on fire — defeating teams by an average 18 points per game. They dominated the No. 2 seed in the semifinals, and were unanimously voted the clear No. 1. But North Carolina State, a team that many thought were lucky to even make it past the first round, was about to make history. With the game all tied up and only a few seconds left on the scoreboard, the Cougars made the buzzer-beater heard ‘round the world, and won 54-52.

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