Sports fanatics have always brought their enthusiasm to the game. From the era of suits and ties to the rise of foam fingers and face stickers, displaying spirit for the teams we love has remained entangled in our culture throughout the decades. But never before have we seen such a swarm of spirited apparel on the market.  Entire blogs are dedicated to the latest trends in game day fashion.  To many, the stands have become a runway, showcasing team pride from their scarves down to their manicures.  Let’s take a look at how sporting event fashion has evolved over the years.



The Era of Extravagance

Attending a sporting event was considered quite a luxury during this era, and the fashion followed suit. Men and women alike typically dressed in their Sunday best.  Men wore a crisp suit and tie, while women typically chose modish dresses or skirt suits, extravagant hats and lavish accessories.

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 A Change in Couture

 Fashion underwent a conversion during this era, with casual wear becoming more prevalent, and designers incorporating brighter colors and interesting patterns. Jeans and T-shirts began making appearances inside the stands, but many fans continued to indulge in more formal wear when attending a sporting event. Whether attendees opted for casual attire or a suit and dress, they typically did not choose apparel based on team colors.



The Era of Comfort

During the 80s, fans strayed away from formal wear and casual clothing developed as the majority.  Sporting your team’s jersey slowing began seeping into the stands, but they were generally worn by kids more than anyone else. The arena saw a sea of comfortable, “regular” clothing.



A Spirited Shift in the Stands

By the time we ventured into the 90s, team jerseys and logoed T-shirts had become ultra popular ensemble choices.  Although fraternity members at college games still sported a suit and tie, formal wear was faded out and comfort was key.



The Game Day Fashion Phenomenon

As the century turned, the idea of game day “fashion” emerged, and since the market has catapulted.  Franchises still sell an ample amount of T-shirts and fan gear, but the stands do not mirror the same outfit choices as previous decades. Patrons search to flaunt their team colors, but in more fashionable attire, such as dresses, button-downs, sweaters, scarves, jewelry, and even down to their shoes. The era of ultimate fan fashion only continues to grow today.


















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