This Fall, the Historic Evil Eye Tradition Comes to Slater Zorn


Whether you’ve seen it as glass beads adorned on trees or gardens, or worn it on a bracelet around your wrist, chances are you’re familiar with the famous Evil Eye. A longstanding and celebrated symbol across many cultures, the Evil Eye is believed to be the ultimate good luck charm against harm and bad karma. For centuries, many civilizations, from Egyptian to Roman, bore this pattern on clothes or jewelry to reflect evil spirits and protect themselves and their loved ones against misfortune.



The most traditional Evil Eye ornament is in deep cobalt and light blue colors. We are thrilled to announce our new Evil Eye collection of socks for fall, available for him and for her! Available in 11 color combinations, these luxury corgi socks boasting the Evil Eye symbol are a striking amalgamation of contemporary and heritage.


Evil Eye Sock white bright blue.jpg

The traditional Bright Blue and White

Evil Eye Sock black gold.jpgEvil Eye Sock black orange.jpg


                           Black and Gold                                                            Black and Orange

Evil Eye Sock bright blue bright red.jpgEvil Eye Sock burnt orange white.jpg

                      Bright Blue and Bright Red                                                 Burnt Orange and White

Evil Eye Sock light blue white.jpgEvil Eye Sock maroon white.jpg

                           Light Blue and White                                                    Maroon and White

Evil Eye Sock navy gray.jpgEvil Eye Sock orange navy.jpg

                                 Navy and Gray                                                                    Orange and Navy

Evil Eye Sock purple white.jpgEvil Eye Sock ruby black.jpg

                                Purple and White                                                     Ruby and Black


The Corgi Evil Socks are now available on, and will make fantastic gifts for loved ones this holiday season! Shop socks for him and for her.

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