For any dedicated college football fan, traditions remain a fundamental component of the game and aid in the team’s identity. Outsiders might not understand the battle cry, cheer or pre-game ritual, but that’s part of what renders it so sacred. Let’s take a glance into some of college football’s more distinct traditions…

Florida State’s Flaming Spear


An idea over a decade in the making, Florida State’s Flaming Spear tradition was cultivated in the fall of 1978. During opening game against Oklahoma State, a student portraying Seminole Indian Leader Osceola came riding down the field on an Appaloosa horse and planted a flaming spear at midfield. This ritual now marks the beginning of every FSU home game.

Script Ohio


A truly amazing spectacle dating back to 1936, Script Ohio is an intricate formation performed by the Ohio State Marching Band during every game. It is the most widely known and celebrated symbol in all of Ohio State’s rich football history.

Auburn’s Soaring Eagle


An electric moment for the team and fans, an eagle soars around the stadium and swoops to the ground before the game, as the crowd erupts in cheers. War Eagle is the team’s battle cry, not to be confused with their mascot, but the eagle is one of Auburn’s most recognized figures.

Ralphie’s Run

Football 03.CUphoto

Ralphie the Buffalo is the official mascot of the University of Colorado, and makes his grand debut every game at halftime. He is accompanied by a team of five student-athletes that help him run across the field in a horseshoe pattern.

The Sooner Schooner


A staple of University of Oklahoma games, the Sooner Schooner is driven onto the field in the shape of an arc after every score. Pulled by two white ponies named Sooner and Boomer, the the wagon is a scaled down replica of the Conestoga Wagon formerly used by Oklahoma settlers.


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