Sports have a unique capability of inspiring the masses, and bringing a tear to even the toughest eye. While every sport aficionado has their own story of a moment that defined greatness, in sports history we’ve seen treasured milestones that have transcended time and won notoriety for years to come. The kind of moments no one forgets. We’ve listed our picks for some of the most inspirational moments in sports history.

The comeback heard around the world


On January 3, 1933, the world witnessed what is argued as the greatest comeback in NFL history. During a playoff game against the Houston Oilers, the Buffalo Bills were down by 32 points in the third quarter. The game appeared to be a lost cause, until Frank Reich rallied his team to claw their way back, eventually sealing the W in overtime.

Running for greatness


During the 1960 Olympic Games, Ethiopian Abebe Bikila arrived ready to run for gold, only to find that Adidas, the official sponsor of the games, was out of shoes. Not willing to give in that easily, Abebe decided to run barefoot.  He went on to win the gold medal and inspire the world as the first African American Olympic champion.

Jim Abbott throws legendary no-hitter


A no-hitter is already an unbelievable feat in the Major Leagues.  When Jim Abbott, born without his right hand, achieved it in 1993, it became a sports miracle.

Hockey’s Miracle on Ice


A classic underdog story. In 1980, a U.S. hockey club of amateurs and college players took on powerhouse Soviet squad, and no one gave them a fighting chance. The U.S. started off with a 2-3 deficit, but continued to fight until shocking the world with a 4-3 win, and taking the Gold.

The retirement of Lou Gehrig


In 1939, New York Yankee Lou Gehrig was one of the greatest ball players the country had ever seen, and was finishing his 15th year heading the team. But he wasn’t merely known for his talent, but also his gracious and humble demeanor.Suddenly, he was tragically diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. His farewell speech was one of the most inspiring and heart wrenching moments in sports history.













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