SPORTING TYPES demand and deserve a wardrobe that reveals their loyalties–to team, school, or anything else that color can symbolize. Here, SLATER ZORN apparel and accessories are matched with wardrobe staples (classic navy chinos for him; a chic black mini for her) for a subtle yet powerful statement that goes from gameday to everyday with ease.


Welcome to part two of our wardrobe-basics series, WHAT DO (SLATER ZORN) WOMEN WANT?

In the first part of this series, we revealed the three types of women who shop SLATER ZORN: SPORTING TYPES, COLOR CONNOISSEURS, and SYSTEM SEEKERS. If you don’t know your style personality yet, you may want to go back and find out.

If you’re a SPORTING TYPE–loyal to a team or supportive of a community that inspires the same spirit, –then your wardrobe has to satisfy multiple objectives.


FIRST, it has to literally show your colors–in the form of beautifully made textiles and lovingly produced apparel.


SECOND, the majority of its components need to work outdoors, in all sorts of weather, and it has to layer well.


THIRD, it has to go from gameday to everyday–and it has to do it your way: whisper-soft and feather-light, yet durable and practical; structured and sophisticated, without a hint of confinement; sporty and stylish, but quietly, classically so.



Founder BETH WITTIG demonstrates SPORTING TYPE style with an ITALIAN SILK TIE played off a classic STADIUM SHIRT.


Of course, many SPORTING TYPES prefer head-to-toe ensembles in their team’s colors–and that can make for a compelling, enthusiastic look. But another approach is to pair neutral classics you already have (or would be well-served to acquire) with color-coded accessories. This way, you can show your spirit on a daily basis. For example…

A BELT. If you want something subtle, spirited, and made by hand, our WOVEN STRIPED BELTS are for you.


A HAT. Warm and whimsical, our six-ply-cashmere CROCHET CAPS are made to order by master knitters in New York City. Choose whatever colors you like, and in two to three weeks, it’s yours: a bespoke accessory that’s truly one of a kind.


A SCARF. Made in Scotland from 100% cashmere wool, our VARSITY STRIPE SCARVES are available in a wide array of color combinations. A bit longer than usual, it can be worn in a variety of ways, indoors or outdoors.

SOCKS. Our recently released EVIL EYE SOCKS feature a contemporary take on an ancient talisman of good luck. Their small-scale repeat–visible whether you’re wearing loafers, sneakers, or even wing-tips–makes for a refreshing alternative to stripes and argyles.


JEWELRY. Our RESIN BANGLES and RESIN NECKLACES (available in various lengths) are durable, luminous, and made in Italy. Designed by Joan Goodman of esteemed costume-jewelry atelier PONO, they’re an incredibly refined–and incredibly unexpected–way to show your spirit.


FINGERLESS GLOVES. Our BASKETWEAVE HANDWARMERS and STRIPED WRISTWARMERS are terrific alternatives to gloves and mittens. They leave your fingers free (so you can take pictures and check your messages) but can be pulled down to protect them when it gets too cold to leave them exposed.


A BLANKET OR A BANDANA. Technically, a blanket isn’t clothing–though we’ve seen some daring, creative women effortlessly turn them into wrap skirts. That said, we’re including it on this list, because sports enthusiasts will find ample opportunity to use our herringbone-patterned STADIUM BLANKET. The same goes for our LUXE BANDANA, which can be used as a scarf, skirt, turban, and halter top.



The STADIUM SHIRT is a classic white oxford button-down with a subtle yet distinctive high-contrast grosgrain placket.


Once you have your collection of color-coded, lovingly fabricated accessories, pair them with basics and classics you may already own. For example:

CHINOS. Tan, beige, putty, or taupe; standard length or cuffed into capris; you can’t go wrong with chinos.


A WHITE OXFORD. If you don’t have one you love, our gorgeously tailored STADIUM SHIRT is made in New York City from Japanese Oxford cotton.


A CLASSIC TRENCHCOAT. Whether you go with black or tan, it may be all you need to keep you warm, especially if you’re wearing a scarf and sweater underneath.


DARK JEANS. While slim fits remain most popular, we’ve noticed the return of loose, loungey fits–think Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn–rendered in ultra-deep indigo with contrast stitching.

A BLACK SKIRT. So many options here: A reflective mini, paired with black leggings, for a modest, youthful look. A circle skirt, paired with high black boots, for a luxuriously loose look. Or a pencil skirt, paired with sneakers in your team’s colors, for an edgy, daring look.


What do you think? Need any more SPORTING TYPE styling advice? Have any ideas of your own you’d like to share? Send your messages to INFO@SLATERZORN.COM. We may not be able to answer each one personally, but we can reply to your frequently asked questions–and share your best advice–in a future column.

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