When women shop Slater Zorn, what do they buy–and why? We’ve listened to customers like you, and this is what we’ve learned.


When we launched SLATER ZORN in 2012, everyone asked us: Who’s your customer?

At the time, we had a set, simple psychographic in mind: men and women who love sports–especially collegiate sports–and want to wear their loyalty on their sleeves. (Literally.) That’s a very broad category, so we narrowed it down by going luxe.

No jerseys.

No tee shirts.

No baseball caps.

For us–and, we hoped, for the people we longed to reach–it was going to be all about fine fabrics, made-by-hand artisanship, and elevated separates that work just as well in the board room or for an evening out as they do the Sunday game. That was almost five years ago. As time has worn on, our concept has remained the same; our clientele has turned out to be exactly what we thought it would be; and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Lately, at our trunk shows and other special events, we’ve been meeting and listening to customers who say they’re drawn to us for other reasons–and, while we’re surprised by what they’re telling us, we’re thrilled to have them on board. Some are men, and others are women. For now, let’s talk about the women.


In addition to SPORTING TYPES, there’s a secondary cluster we’re calling COLOR CONNOISSEURS, and tertiary cluster we’re calling SYSTEM SEEKERS.  

In this week’s post, we’ll describe these shopping styles, and we’d love you to tell us where you fall in the mix. That’s because, in the coming weeks and months, we plan to use this blog as a platform to providing styling tips and special reports tailored to what brought you here in the first place.

Let’s get started.




SPORTING TYPES appreciate the easy and elegant way they can express their loyalty with SLATER ZORN apparel and accessories.


If you’re THE SPORTING TYPE, then you may be showing your loyalty to a son, daughter, husband, boyfriend, or other loved one who really loves sports. Or your loyalty may be more direct: for a team, school, and/or sport you love.

Either way, our apparel and accessories are designed and fabricated for a combination of sumptuous comfort and unexpected glamour you’ll love on game day–and every other day. (Who wants to invest in clothes you can only wear to games? Answer: No one.)

Speaking of which, because so many sports are played outdoors, in cool weather, we’ve crafted our collections with layering in mind. Even our sweaters, warm but never bulky, can be styled into the act. Just look at the HALFTIME HOODIE, the COLORBLOCK PONCHO, and the HANDKERCHIEF CARDIGAN–all available in colorways that reveal who’s side you’re really on.




If you’re a COLOR CONNOISSEUR, you’ll appreciate our assortments of bold, bright solids and graphic prints–perfect for color blocking or complementing neutral basics.


If you’re a COLOR CONNOISSEUR, you may still love sport, but what truly turns you on is color, in which case it’s our enormous selection of colorways– never dull nor timid, often represented in solids and bold graphic prints– that turns you on.

Perhaps you have a signature shade that you want to wear every day. Or maybe you’re looking for bright blocks of color–reds, blues, yellows, whatever–to accent your already existing wardrobe of luxe basics in power neutrals. Some of you, we’ve seen, are simply obsessed with color blocking–in which case our rather complete catalogue can definitely satisfy your chromatic compulsions.

If you’re a COLOR CONNOISSEUR who’s new to us, try starting with JEWELRY and ACCESSORIES, then branch out from there into apparel.





SYSTEM SEEKERS know that the easiest way to dress is to pick a colour palette, then a trusted resource, then buy one of everything. The mix-and-match possibilities become endless.

If you’re a SYSTEM SEEKER, you’re busy (maybe to the point of being over-worked) and you want to look and feel your very best–but you don’t have the time, nor do you have the interest, to shop. You’re looking for a system; an elevated sort of uniform; the luxury of time that comes with one-stop shopping.

SLATER ZORN can provide all of these benefits to you. For example, if you wanted to build your own capsule collection from scratch, you could acquire some of our most popular items–all in the same colorway–and call it a day.

Like this idea? Here’s a quick do-it-yourself capsule-collection recommendation: Start with a SHELL; a TUNIC; a COURT SHIRT; a SUITE BLOUSE; a VARSITY DRESS; and a GEELONG ZIP CAPE. Then add your choice of hat, scarf, bracelet, and necklace. Combine with your own footwear, trenchcoat, and jeans or khakis. Boom: an infinite number of combinations that you can roll and stow in tote, duffel, or carry-on bag for the ultimate in both luxury and convenience.

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